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"Recent News":  This section holds reports from our representatives about NHS Board meetings and some other sources, which are usually quoted.   To access the various categories in this section, click on the tabs on the right hand side of the page.  Many tabs are geographic, others are self explanatory.  However, placing of some items is arbitrary, so the following pattern has been adopted.

Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust: This Trust provides mental health services over a number of London Boroughs, so many of its reports - including reports on its Board Meetings - are held in the "London Reports" category. 

However this Trust also provides Hillingdon's community health services, so some items are held in "Hillingdon Issues".

Harefield Hospital:  This hospital is in Hillingdon, but it is part of the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust and both hospitals serve a  wide area.  For simplicity, all items for this Trust are held in the "London Reports" category.

New Commissioning bodies
aNHS England:  From 1st April 2013 NHS England became responsible for special services such as cancer care and also for GP services. dentists, pharmacists and opticians.  On theis website reports from NHS England are held in "NHS nationally"

b.  Clinical Commissioning Group (CCGs):   CCGs  are comprised of local General Practioners (GPs).  In the area we cover there are three CCGs - Harrow CCG, Hertfordshire CCG and Hillingdon CCG.

From 1st April 2013  CCGs became responsible for commissioning planned hospital services for their communities, urgent and emergency care, rehabilitation services, community health services and mental health and learning disability services. 

CCGs in London have been grouped into clusters.  Currently Brent, Harrow and Hillingdon CCGs form the Outer North West London Sub-Cluster of the eight CCGs in the North West London Cluster. 

Harrow CCG reports are filed within "Harrow Issues" and Hillingdon CCG reports are in "Hillingdon Issues"  -  these reports may include references to the larger CCG groups to which Harrow CCG and Hillingdon CCG belong. However, specific reports from these wider groups of CCGs are held in "London Reports" .

Our Campaigns: There is overlap between this category and several others.  Within "Recent News" the category  "Our Campaigns" holds reports on our majoraffairs in 2013, and more details of our later concerns than can be held in the Current Activities Section on the Home Page. In contrast, the tab "History and campaigns", at the top of all pages. refers briefly to our campaigns in a summary of our total history.

There is a search facility on the right-hand column which can be used to find items on particular topics.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014 13:29

This section provides information about issues that we are currently either monitoring routinely or pursuing in a more active way.  In 2016 there were over thirty such issues listed in the table below, within six groups.  These continue in 2017 but the emphsis now centres on defence of Royal Brompton's congenital heart services, concern for Mount Vernon Cancer centre to be reimbursed for using cyberknife for patients with brain metastases, and the introduction of our campaign to support people with hearing loss.  This latter project widens our traditional brief as it is not aimed at NHS services but at ensuring that community support that could and should be provided is actually available to ease the lives of people with poor hearing.

To keep members up to date, they receive a news-sheet each month, which notes significant progress on current issues, and they are also free to contact the representatives leading our work, who will provide additional information. We are pleased to receive queries, information or suggestions for further activity.

Group Topic Issues
(i) National NHS Financial Issues NHS funding formulae
Reduced hospital funding for readmissions and excess numbers
NHS England Issues Lack of NHS England Regional Meetings in public / Lack of opportunity for questions at NHS England Board Meetings
Research Issues Non-publication of research findings
(ii) London Region NW London Issues High dependency paediatric beds in London
Shaping a Healthier Future developments
Integration of health and social care in NW London
Integration of health and social care in Hillingdon
Access to Paul Strickland Scanner Centre for NW London patients
Royal Brompton & Harefield FT National review of tertiary heart services / Threats to plans to consolidate Royal Brompton's services.
(iii) Harrow NWLHT issues NWLHT issues - outcome of its merge with Ealing NHS Trust
Patients who do not phone within one week appointment offer removed
NWLHT patient allowed on only one operation list
NWLHT patients referrals from GPs not received
Parking at Northwick Park Hospital for disabled drivers
Harrow CCG Lay members shared with other CCGs / Mental Health funding / Healthwatch report
(iv) Hillingdon Hillingdon NHS FT Hillingdon Hospital / MV hospital external estate repairs
Hillingdon Hospital and Mount Vernon car parking
Mount Vernon Cancer Wards / link to Treatment Centre
Hillingdon CCG Issues Access to Paul Strickland Scanner Centre for Hillingdon people
Hillingdon CCG's inherited debt
Hillingdon UCC
Northwood / Pinner Hospital site  Our petition 2015 calls for the site to continue serving the local community, as befits this war memorial site
(v) Hertfordshire Herts Valleys CCG Herts. stroke services v NW London stroke services
West Herts Hospital NHS Trust Rebuild project
(vi) Across our geographic area GP 'Phone numbers High cost phone numbers
GP Patient Groups
Variability in sense of purpose is a concern
GP Surgeries Expectation of our members for GP services
Mental Health Issues Admiral nurses / dementia services in Harrow
Mental health funding in Hillingdon and Harrow
Music therapy for dementia patients
Mount Vernon Cancer Centre Rebuild project / Lister Cancer Centre / cyberknife commissioning by NHS England
Immigration Issues Immigration status of long established patients
Local lymphoedema services Lymphoedema services in Herts
Lymphoedema services at Mount Vernon
HealthWatch Development of Healthwatch in our three areas
Health and Wellbeing Boards Development of Health & Wellbeing Boards in our three areas
Hospital Food Hospital food
Hospital car parking Hospital car parking
Carers Carers support and problems
Ambulances Ambulance response times / handover times


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