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Friday, 11 May 2012 15:56

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Professor Paul Swain is a wonderful person, totally dedicated to his task of finding a way of getting pictures of the inside of the bowls. He called himself 'The mad scientist' . You could say, quoting Winston Churchill, 'Never in the field of human endeavour, has one man swallowed so many capsules and put so many scopes up his bottom, for the benefit of the human race'.
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Part Two




Part Three - Questions



alt A patient wearing the capsule reading equipment.








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written by Rice, June 19, 2012
What a brilliant chap he is, a proper inventor, totally involved in what he does. Wonderful presentation. Keep them coming.
written by MKA, July 05, 2012
We need more videos of people like Professor Paul Swain, what about Professor Heinz Wolfe now at Brunell University. I am sure he would pull a crowed.
written by michael james wood, July 11, 2013
having had all the endoscopy/gastric and endoscopys blood tests excaminations following the need for transfusion of blood ,and not knowing were and why my blood levels were so low , or were the loss was from.
My specilist at a Bournemouth hospital decided to send me for a capsule endoscopy with Proffessor Swain,after having the capsule he recommended there was need for surgery which proved to be life saving as it was found that I needed partial bowel operation due to an indulant bowel Cancer.
I was before the capsule enoscopy under observation for 2 years having all sorts of conventianal test till Proffessor Swains capsule enoscopy was recommended.
This was 10years I dare not to think were I would be now had it not bben found
written by JMC, May 31, 2014
What a wonderful person Professor Paul Spain is, an unassuming genius if ever there was one.

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