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Friday, 25 November 2011 15:07

The invited audience was  able to tour the building and see some of its amazing facilities. A wide array of models was on display, simulating a range of conditions to allow clinical staff to practice techniques in a safe environment with no risk to patients. These included:

A model of a patient’s chest after heart surgery

Two adjacent models allowed students to practise insertion of a needle into the carotid artery in the neck, by the old method of simply feeling for the artery (with the pulse simulated by the device) and the new method involving computer technology.

  • Another simulation allowed students to practise taking blood samples from hands.
  • The most impressive of all the models was one called Ben, a full size man lying on his bed, controlled by a computer. Ben provides immensely realistic symptoms to challenge students. He coughs and speaks, sweats, vomits, urinates, cries tears. When his oxygen levels are low his lips turn blue. His pulse can be taken in several parts of his body. His heart-beat and other bodily functions are recorded on an array of screens. Students can be faced with a range of conditions for diagnosis and treatment – with no risk of harming the patient if they make a mistake!
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  • Part One

 Part Two



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