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Sunday, 08 August 2010 19:14

The CyberKnife, a linear accelerator, mounted on a robotic arm, was filmed on Thursday 5th August, the CyberKnife team demonstrate ' A Patient's Experience'. Commissioning of the CyberKnife at Mount Vernon Hospital is soon to be completed and the system will be ready for clinical use at the end of August.  This system provides a non-invasive alternative to surgery and will be used to treat benign and malignant tumours throughout the body.  Multiple beams of radiation will be delivered to the tumour with sub-millimetre accuracy minimising damage to surrounding normal healthy tissue.  The advanced image guidance system combined with computer controlled robotics enables tracking of the tumour throughout treatment and allows corrections to be applied for any positional changes detected as a result of patient movement or breathing. No special clothing,masks,tattoos etc. are necessary, as with the older linear accelerators. There is a selection of music available for the patient to pick from to while away the few minutes of treatment. 
Many thanks to Alexandra Aitken, Principal Radiographer,Mount Vernon Cancer Center, for making this video possible.

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BBC News - CyberKnife at Mount Vernon

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written by troy, August 10, 2010
wow, this is amazing technology. trusting a robbot ;). Thank you for sharing and great effort you have put in to it.
written by rice, August 14, 2010
This is just brilliant, the place is bright and cheerful and, as is normal in Mount Vernon, the staff are wonderful. This video gives an amazing insight into what a patient can expect, together with Kirsty Gordon's description of the CyberKnife, patients will feel much more at easy. Well done Community Voice and the Cancer Centre. :)
written by Ruth Peberdy, September 21, 2010
Congratulations on becoming Cyberknife Centre number three in the UK. I have been creating awareness of Cyberknife for nearly six years through my charity, The Ron Peberdy Cyberknife Charitable Trust, Regd. Charity No.1113066. Ron was the first person in this country to be treated with a Cyberknife system in 2005. Sadly, he did not receive treatment till six months following his diagnosis and died in January 2005. However, I am convinced that Cyberknife gave him a much better quality of life for those last months. Since then I have been championing Cyberknife wherever I go.
I send you all at Cyberknife Mount Vernon my very best wishes and I know you will be doing great work.
Sincerely, Ruth Peberdy
written by Anne Ness, November 09, 2010
It was great to see the Cyberknife up close. What amazing technology this non invasive treatment is.
written by Ann Smith, November 12, 2010
We are delighted to hear that the Cyberknife is now available for NHS patients. We are sure is will be a major asset to Mount Vernon and to patients. We are proud to say we live near such an auspicious hospital with the courage to take science into the future with pride. Looking forward to new beginnings in the treatment of cancer and hope for many cancer patients.
written by kal, January 12, 2011
Quite brilliant, hope I never need it!!
written by Irvin Suckell, March 03, 2011
Shortly I have to make a decision as to which treatment to access. Your video is so informative as to the ease of the procedure especially when compared with invasives and other radiography.


written by CYRUS TODIWALA, March 07, 2011
This is absolutely brilliant. I can actually imagine the relief on the face fo the patient who is going in for treatment and is full yat ease with the procedures as opposed to previous trreatments when the stress levels run high and this also results in slower benefits to the treatment caused by anxiety and inconvenience
Well Done Mount Vernon and hope more centres can be installed soon across Britain
written by Jo, March 10, 2011
Quite outstanding, this machine is fantastic. Actually seeing how it operates, even if it was only a demonstration, is much better than an oral description. No special clothes, no securing devices to keep the patient still, no mask or tattoos as with the old lumbering linear accelerators. Less work for 'Mike Bishop the Bio Engineer' see video 37. Treatment time from start to finish will be greatly reduced.
Good show Community Voice for bringing us all these videos, they are very educationial, did like Professor Gordon Ruston.

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