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Saturday, 23 January 2010 11:29

Dr. Paul Nathan, MB.BS. B.Sc.(Hons) BA. PhD.  FRCP  is a consultant medical oncologist at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre. His medical training was in Cambridge and London. He also has a significant background in cancer research and has worked in laboratories in the USA and UK. 

He has a specialist interest in the treatment of renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) and melanoma. He is first author of the UK guidelines for the systemic treatment of renal cell carcinoma, is a member of the National Cancer Research Institute groups for both renal carcinoma and melanoma and is secretary of the UK Melanoma Study Group. He also is a member of the panel currently reviewing the national melanoma guidelines.

 He is lead investigator on many clinical trials and has an active research program. His major interests are in the use of targeted therapies to treat advanced renal carcinoma, the development of imaging biomarkers in the management of this disease, and in the development of selective treatments for genetically defined subtypes of melanoma. He has published many papers and contributed to a number of textbooks.

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written by rice, January 23, 2010
It is frightening how many types of cancer there are. It is wonderful these doctor can talk to us through the medium of Community Voice.
Thank you
written by Doreen Smith, November 19, 2011
A very informative video and Dr Paul Nathan treats my husband for melanoma. We are very fortunate to have such a consultant. Please continue to deliver these kind of sessions. Are there any studies that show the impact of nutrition on melanoma?
written by Doreen Smith, November 19, 2011
Excellent presentations. My husband is treated by Dr Paul Nathan for malignant melanoma and we are fortunate to have such an excellent consultant. Is there any evidence at all on the impact of nutrition on melanoma?
written by Lyn Matthews, August 13, 2012
My husband is also being treated by Dr Paul Natthan for Renal cancer we also feel very fortunate to have such a caring consultant. Dr Nathan also has an excellent back up team who are always contactable for advice should we need it. Very reassuring
written by Doreen smith, September 11, 2013
My husband was treated by Dr Paul Nathan - nearly seven years ago and we have immense gratitude for the care by Dr Paul Nathan. We are aware of the dangers of exposure to the sun. Knowing one cannot stay locked up all the time the sun is shining and apart from avoiding the peak times of the sun. - Is there any evidence that the compounds in sun cream is just as dangerous - or is this a myth? Secondly I know tree is a correlation with deficiency in Vit D. It is virtually impossible to get some GPs to test Vit D levels. I hope GPs are also get more informed in this area. Please keep the podcasts coming. Both my husband and I are very interested in hearing developments in melanoma. Thank you again for your kind and competent care of my husband Bede. You are the best. Doreen Smith
written by Rosalind Faith Pritchett, June 05, 2015
My Husband has been given a new lease of life, Due to the Decision to treat him, Gratitude to Consultant Oncologist Dr P Nathan, My husbands tumours have shrunk to the amazement of family and friends, A special thank you to Mrs Angela Smith Lead Research Nurse for her attentive and professional support, throughout , my heart is warmed . Huge Respect . Rosalind Faith Pritchett

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