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Dr. Edwin G.A. Aird BSc MSc PhD FIPEM MRCR (Hon) PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 22 May 2009 11:23
Medical Physics is the application of physics to medicine. Its origins are from the use of physics to determine the radiation dose to radiotherapy patients at the turn of the century (20th!!). Physicists now work in many different branches of medicine. However, at Mount Vernon, they are mainly involved in the use of radiation in imaging and radiotherapy. Physicists have a very long training period before they can operate as registered workers within the NHS. Following a degree in physics there are typically at least 4-5 further years of training before registration.

After qualification, Physicists can be found working in the following areas at MVCC (radiotherapy section):

Machine (linear accelerator) quality assurance and dosimetry;

Patient treatment planning using complex computer planning to design individual dose plans for each patient treated on the linear accelerators. This now includes the latest planning techniques that use Intensity Modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) together with Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT).

Patient dosimetry: verifying that the planned dose is being deliveredcorrectly, including the use of in-vivo dosimetry and portal imaging.
Teaching and Training of all staff involved with Radiotherapy: Physicists; Radiographers; Clinical Oncologists.

Dr. Edwin Aird's distinguished medical history, to the present day, started when he:-

Trained at Newcastle University (Physics BSc; MSc and PhD) and Newcastle General Hospital. He worked at Newcastle General in Medical Physics; Radiation Physics and Radiotherapy Physics 1967-1985.

Head of Radiotherapy Physics, Barts 1985-1988;

He was appointed Head of Medical Physics, Mount Vernon Hospital 1988-

He is also involved with running National Centre for QA in Radiotherapy Clinical Trials for UK; and Chair of Group for QA in Clinical Trials for EORTC (European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer) 2006-

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written by rice, June 21, 2009
:)What a wonderful person Edwin Aird is, MVH is privileged to have him working there for so long.

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