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Friday, 08 July 2016 09:26
For years attempts to close these two wonderful hospitals have ended in failure, this is yet another attempt. I can remember when they wanted to move Harefield to Paddington Basin but they came up against strong opposition from the local “Heart of Harefield” group who, together with others including “The Community Voice”, led by their irrepressible Chairman, Mike Turner. It was a crazy scheme and failed, mainly because it could not fit into the site that had been allocated to house the hospital in Paddington Basin. Heart of Harefield, now “Re-beat” have been holding the fort all these years and have only recently had to close.
There was another attempt by a group of three hospitals that attempted a similar coup to get rid of sections of the work our two hospitals did in relation to children which in effect would have rendered the hospital unviable. The meeting was held at the prestigious Arsenals Emirates Stadium, I wonder where they got the money from? Joan Davis our Chairman and self attended and met up with The Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital CEO Bob Bell. It was an obvious from the start that they would  only take questions from people with their train of thought. CEO Bob refused to sit on the stage with the ‘Gang of three’ and the ‘moderator’, who said she did not side with anyone! would select who would be asked to offer a question. No matter how often Joan or I put up our hand, we were never asked to speak! At the end of the meeting, in a secluded section of the hall, Joan interviewed Bob Bell,  even this I was not allowed to film, nor was I allowed to film the stage. Thus ended a farcical  meeting and nothing came of their attempt to shut down our hospitals. 

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