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Saturday, 16 May 2009 09:49
Dec. 2017  No speaker - members welcomed in the festive season

Nov. 2017  Dr Ayesha Akbar, Consultant Gastroenterologist St Mark's Hospital, London
                    " The work of St Mark's Hospital at Northwick Park"

Oct. 2017  Dr. Claire Shine, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust
                   "Sepsis: Myths and Facts"

Sep. 2017  Shane DeGaris, Chief Executive, The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS FT
                   "Future Plans for Hillingdon and Mount Vernon Hospitals"

July 2017   Jean Belton, Northwood Live at Home Scheme
                  "The work of the Live at Home Scheme"

June 2017  No speaker - the expected speaker withdrew on the day of the meeting

May 2017  Dr Sheru George, Lead Consultant in Dermatology, The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS FT
                   "Developments in Dermatology including a new Skin Centre at Mount Vernon Hospital"

Apr.  2017  James Ross, Director of Transformation, The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS FT
                   "Making every day in hospital effective for the patient"

Mar.2017    Katie Fisher, Chief Executive Officer, West Herts Hospital NHS Trust
                   "Developments at West Herst Trust and plans for the future"

Feb. 2017  Graham Hawkes, Chief Officer, Hillingdon Healthwatch
                  "NHS changes ahead in North West London"

Dec. 2016  Dr Susan LaBrooy, Joint Medical Director NHS North West London
                  "Shaping a Healthier Future developments"

Nov. 2016  Dr Peter Ostler, Consultant Clinical Oncologist Mount Vernon Cancer Centre
                  "An update on the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre including funding for cyberknife use of brain metastases"

Oct.2016   Caroline Morison, Chief Operating Officer Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group
                   "Looking to the future - a five year plan for Hillingdon"

Sep. 2016  Dr. Richard Grocott-Mason, Medical Director Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS FT
                  "New threats to Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals in 2016"

Jul. 2016   Dr. Kuldhir Johal, Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group Board Member
                  "The 111 Service as part of Urgent Care"

Jun 2016   Dr. Onkar Sahota, London Assembly Member for Ealing and Hillingdon
                  "Tackling tuberculosis in London"

May 2016   Jac Kelly MBE, Chief Executive West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust
                   "News from West Herts hospitals"    

Apr. 2016   Christopher Geake, Director Hillingdon MIND
                   "Local Mental Health Issues - and how they are tackled"

Mar. 2016   Dr Nick Jenkins, Executive Director, National Physician Associate Expansion Programme.                  
                   "Physician Associates"

Feb. 2016   Shane DeGaris, CEO Hillingdon Hospitals NHS FT + Stephen Pusey Dep. CEO East & North Herts NHS Trust
                    "Plans for Mount Vernon Cancer Centre and the Mount Vernon Hospital site"

Dec 2015   Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of The Community Voice
                   with two Honoured Guests:  Stephen Ramsden, CEO Mount Vernon Hospital Trust 1990    "The early years"
David McVittie, CEO The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS FT 2001-2012
                                     and CEO
London NW Healthcare NHS Trust 2012-2015    "25 years in the NHS"

Nov 2015   Dr Mohamed Shariff, Consultant Gastroenterologist, West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust
                     "Liver disease and treatment"

Oct 2015     Dr Catherine O'Keefe, Dean of healthcare Education NW London, NHS England
                    "Nurse training in England"

Sep. 2015     Forum on transfer of NHS acute services into the community, led by:
                      Dr Amol Kelshiker, Chaiman Harrow CCG
                      Dr. Nicolas Small, Chairman Herts Valleys CCG
                      Dr. Reva Gudi, Vice Chairman Hillingdon CCG

July 2015      Dr. Ajoy Nair, Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS FT
                      "Rehabilitation - a new life for patients - and for Daniel's Ward at Mount Vernon Hospital"

June 2015      Rikin Patel, Community Pharmacist, Northwood
                       "Getting the best out of your community pharmacist"

May 2015       Julie Sands, Head of Primary Care North West London, NHS England
                           "Spotlight on GP services"

April 2015       Dr Richard Grocott-Mason, Divisional Director, Heart Division, Harefield Hospital
                       "Heart disease, prevention and treatment"

Mar. 2015       Dr Michael Van Der Watt, Medical Director + Prof. Tracey Carter, Chief Nurse, West Herts. Hospitals Trust
                        "News from West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust"

Feb. 2915         Prof. Jane Maher, Joint Medical Director Macmillan Cancer Support / Consultant Oncologist
                        International cancer survival rates

Dec. 2014         Dr. Rowan Hillson, former national Diabetes Tzar

Nov. 2014         Rosemary Lucey, Head of Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre
                          News and future plsns for the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre

October 2014   Three speakers from NHS England London Region
                         Julie Sands, Deputy Head of Primary Care Commissioning
                         Kelly Nizzer, Deputy Regional Lead for Dentistry
                         Alice Benton, Head of Dentistry for London
                         London Primary Care Issues        

Sep. 2014         Nick Carver, Chief Executive East & North Herts NHS Trust
                          Shane DeGaris, Chief Executive The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS FT
                          Plans for the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre and the Mount Vernon Hospital site

August 2014     No meetings

July 2014          Vicky Cook Consultant Obstetrician, The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS FT
                          Pippa Nightingale, Deputy director of women's Services, Imperial NHS Trust
                          Progress towards Shaping a Healthier Future  particularly maternity services in North West London

June 2014         Dr Shirlony Morgan, Consultant Psychiatrist Central & North West London NHS FT
                          Dementia in the Community

May 2014         Dr Andrew Howe, Director of Public Health, Barnet and Harrow
                         The Changing Face of Public Health

April 2014        Julian Maw, Chairman Patient and Public Involvement Group, for NW London's 'Shaping a Healthier Future'
                        The Future of NHS services in North West London 
March 2014     Michael Steel, Chief Executive, Greenbrook Healthcare
Urgent Care Centres at Hillingdon Hospital and Northwick Park Hospital

Feb. 2014        Dr Raj Bathula, Consultant Stroke Physician, Northwick Park Hospital  
                          The Hyper-Acute Stroke Unit at Northwick Park Hospital

Jan. 2014         An informal meeting to review Community Voice issues, with no guest-speaker

 Dec.  2013    Shane DeGaris, Chief Executive, The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS FT
                                An update on Hillingdon Hospital news

 Nov.   2013   Margaret Sullivan, Chief Executive, Paul Strickland Scanner Centre
                       Recent news and Scanner Centre plans

Oct.     2013    Samantha Jones, Chief Executive Officer, West Herts. Hospitals NHS Trust          
                         Developments at Watford General Hospital

Sep.     2013   Mr Manolis Heliotis, Clinical Director for Head and Neck Services, Northwick Park Hospital
                         Advances in head and neck surgery

Aug.    2013    No meeting 

July   2013     Dr Susan LaBrooy, Medical Director, Shaping a Healthier Future Programme
                        The legacy of NHS North West London – better health services ahead

June    2013   Patrick South, Head of Press and Public Affairs, the King's Fund                     
                        Three years of coalition; how is the NHS performing? 

May     2013  Nick Barton, Chief Executive of Action on Addiction
                       You do not have to be addicted to suffer from addiction 

 Apr.      2013    Graham Hawkes, Chief Officer Hillingdon HealthWatch
                         HealthWatch – the people’s champion?

  Mar.     2013    Dr Catherine Lemon, Divisional Chair for Cancer Services, Mount Vernon Cancer Centre 
                         Interesting developments in the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre

Feb.     2013   A members’ update:
                          Graham Bartram  
The Francis Report:
                    Jon Spain   Privatisation can be good for the NHS;
                    Mervyn Stone   NHS funding issues;
                   Joan Davis  
Community Voice recruitment

Jan     2013     An informal discussion meeting. 

Dec.    2012    David McVittie, Chief Executive, North West London Hospitals NHS Trust
                        The proposed merger of North West London Hospitals with Ealing Hospital


 Nov.     2012    No guest speaker – a review of Community Voice by its members

Oct.     2012      A Forum on Local Clinical Commissioning Groups
                             Dr. Amol Kelshiker, Chairman Harrow CCG

                            Sarah Hill, Chief Operating Officer, Watcom Locality, Herts Valleys CCG
                            Dr Ian Goodman, Chairman Hillingdon CCG

Sep.     2012     Peter Appleton, Clinical Leader Choose & Book
                         Choose & Book brings gains for patients

July      2012    Jan Filochowski, Chief Executive, West Hertfordshire NHS Hospitals Trust
                         An update on Watford General Hospital and plans for the future

June    2012     Dr Annette Dale-Perara, Strategic Director for Addiction, Central & North West London FT

                         Drug and alcohol addiction

May      2012     Dr Susan La Brooy, Medical Director, The Hillingdon Hospital                       
Plans for NHS services in North West London







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